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General: Toilet compartments shall be Type SP-______ [FF-Full Flush (Over-Head Braced); or FC- Floor to Ceiling] as manufactured by American Sanitary Partition Corporation, Ocoee, FL, 34761.
Materials: All material shall have a Class B fire rating (standard). Pilasters, doors, and panels shall be 1” thick with homogenous color throughout, constructed from high density poly-ethylene (HDPE) resins. Partitions shall be fabricated from polymer resins, compounded under high pressure, forming a single component section which is waterproof, non-absorbent and has a self lubricating surface that resists markings from pens, pencils, markers and other writing instruments.
Construction: Stiles, doors and pilasters shall be made of high density poly-ethylene to a correct dimension producing a stile, door, and panel unit of not less than 1” thick. Doors and panels are to be 55” high. An option of 58” high doors and panels will be available with a minimum 4 week lead time. Full flush pilasters will be 84” tall with headrail. Floor to ceiling pilasters will vary depending on ceiling heights (120” maximum).
Fittings: All fittings shall be aluminum stirrup brackets (standard) and adjustable to keep stiles and panels clear from walls. Stile cover bases shall be 4” high, 18ga. Stainless Steel (standard). Poly bases will not be available for floor to ceiling applications.
Finish: Color shall be one color or one combination of two colors selected from American Sanitary’s standard color chart. Color charts are available on request.
Hardware: Doors shall be equipped with heavy duty 8” aluminum wrap around hinges (standard). Slide latch, combination bumper and keeper, and coat hooks shall be anodized aluminum. Theft-proof “Torx” screws and fasteners shall be provided for all hardware. Other hardware configurations are available, and will be used according to architect’s specifications.